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Expresso Sessions at VFS Global Services, Ahmedabad

We facilitate shifts as individuals connect back to their roots, their core, their basic nature. Each of our workshops have a unique theme and design. We use potter’s clay as a medium to connect with the earth and realise one’s potential. Working with clay is meditative and relaxing. It is a malleable medium that helps express emotions, desires and manifest intent. We use several other creative techniques like art, theatre, body work and movement.

About Us

Consciousness is shifting. We now want to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives. Earthfully Yours is a venture rooted in this spirit. It brings us back to our core. We leverage medium that connects us back to the basics...back to the earth. A right-brained approach with left-brain benefits. Our creative methods are fun, explorative, reflective and suitable for all.

The Founder, Linda Baptista is a certified Organisation Development Consultant through Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science (ISABS). Post a 14 year stint with Corporates, Linda began consulting with organisations. Her work spans across Finance, Logistics, Pharma, IT and Education. She supports the Diversity and Inclusion agenda at Liberty Videocon General Insurance. She has led several sessions on Unconscious Bias Awareness and conducted train the trainer programs. Linda also facilitates workshops that are open to all. A series of outbound experiences called 'Pause,' takes place amidst nature. Some of the non-residential formats include:

  • Clay Date with Self
  • Live the Child Within
  • Live Your Passion
  • Sexuality, Creativity & Power 
  • Rewrite Your Life Script
  • Rishtey; a celebration of relationships

We are constantly on the look out for creative talent that can add value to our cause. In case you feel a calling, reach out.

Since 1993

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